Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Rich Get Rich And The Poor Get...

Fifteen years.



Vote neo-con if you want this to stop? NOT!



Li Yi said...

That is disgusting.

rockstar69 said...

I don't get angry often these days but that does it!!!

Name the "judge", the DA who chose to prosecute, and the rest of the law and order freaks who voted them in!!!!

Land of the Free?? Only if you've got the money.

dibabear said...

I'd do three years for $3 billion. Hell, it'd be one of those minimum security white collar prisons so it wouldn't be much worse than cubicle ville. Who cares if I am a fellon if I can fund a life of debauchery once I get out?

expat@large said...

Maybe Louisiana has a three-strikes-you're-out policy like California's.

Nothing like getting 25 to life for shop-lifting a Mars Bar to show that the government is tough on crime!!

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