Monday, May 16, 2011

Word Game

As though his statistics and projections were authentic, Howe railed, "It is unjust to the ~~~~ to allow them to brought into existence simply to lead miserable lives.... The longer we delay action to prevent this ~~~~~~~, the more difficult the problem becomes." His plan? Give ~~~~ people and their families the option of being isolated or sterilized." A large part, if not all, of this misery and expense, " promised Howe,"could be gradually eradicated by sequestration or by sterilization, if the transmitter of the defect preferred the later[sic]." Howe suggested that authorities wait to discover a ~~~~ person and then go back and get the rest of his family.

War Against The Weak, Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create A Master Race, Edwin Black, p149.

More about War Against the Weak

Guess what word is missing?


Answer later.



DanPloy said...

I'd like to think it would be 'politicians' but my guess would be the US following Galton in the UK, and it is the 'poor'.

expat@large said...


DanPloy said...

Australians? Is there a prize for guessing correctly?

expat@large said...

Ho ho.

Yes, Your choice of sequestration or sterilization.

Michael McClung said...

"mongoloid'? harelip? leftie? leftist? double-dipper? bad tipper? gay?

Michael McClung said...

ah, the deaf!

expat@large said...

Very warm.

DanPloy said...

If the answer is disabled then I think both my first two answers were also correct.

I choose sterilisation and I choose any Creationist of your choice.

expat@large said...


Most of the guys I know with kids have had the snip anyway! LOL!

expat@large said...

C'mon peoples, we need more guesses from more guessers!

expat@large said...

No more?

The word is "blind." or "blindness".

Yep, they were after not only the completely blind, but the partially blind, all the way down to people who just wore glasses. I kid you not! They try to put bills for this this through various legislatures in the States. This was America, not Nazi Germany remember..

Unknown said...

Fortunately that policy never got approval or we would never have got one of the best Rock Musicals of all time.
That deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pin ball.

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