Thursday, May 05, 2011

How I Spent Good Friday

Watching, listening and laughing my tits off with card-carrrying atheist, soon to be struck by lightning, ex-catholic Catherine Deveny.

Oh your God, she was funny.

(this is an unretouched poster)

"Sexier than Christopher Hitchens, funnier than Richard Dawkins, and more ethical than George Pell [RC Cardinal of Australia], Catherine Deveny is not to be missed."
Peter Singer - Author, Philosopher and Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University


Catherine used snippets from the following interview on Australian TV. Check the facial expressions and body language of Richard Dawkins when Steve Fielding and Julia Bishop spout their insanity. Listen to Richard at 4:37 - astounded that Fielding is "a Parliamentarian in Australia who believes that the world is less than 10,000 years old!"



DanPloy said...

Thanks for that Phil, I just spent my lunch time watching all of it.

Wouldn't you prefer to live in country where the politicians are certifiable before we even start talking about religion.

The Creationist in the Canadian government is (was?) the Science minister so it could be worse.

expat@large said...

Oh Canada!

I hope it wasn't my son's S.O.'s father! He was anti gay marriage. Also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, did I mention?

Isabella said...

Oh my god I can't watch anymore. All that blah blah yeah they can co-exist, one as good as the other, *CRINGE*. I was so tolerant before...

expat@large said...

so embarrassing to be an Aussie!

DanPloy said...

...and so it ever was.

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