Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blind or Just Wearing Glasses for Distance? Or for Reading?

The word E@L was looking for earlier in the (non-calenderic) week is "BLIND".

Blind? Fuzzy-eyed? Bleary (try typing this at 2am) and befogged? Hop upon the boat to no-kids-ville!

In the great spirit of the American Frontier, it would be best to remove from the genetic typing pool those short of sight, those long of sight, those whose might have been feeling blur after a big night out... Hey, Nazi Germany, you might want to take note of this...


Oh shit it's just astounding. Witnesses can verify how often E@L would ejaculate expression of disbelief and horror as he read such words...


The point not being that OMG the horror of what America can do, and not the horror of what Germany has done, but the horror of which human beings such as you and I are capable of degenerating into, if we are given the right music, lights, drugs and the platitudinous speechifying of a person of certain charisma.

The one-eyed person leading the blind, the blind leading the stupid. We all follow the one-eyed, we all believe in the goal of a pure future that he promises...

We are human, we are stupid.


Hang on, did I snore my way through the rapture?


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Michael McClung said...

nah, you still got 2 1/2 hours

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