Wednesday, May 12, 2010

USB Fail

E@L returned to his room mid-afternoon (what a job!) after playing sudoku all morning while waiting patiently for his 20mins with the customer this week, and he attempted to charge his Sony Exaspera X10. He looked up after an hour of blogging surfing for porn playing online chess doing important work-related stuff on the laptop, and saw that nothing had happened, carbon-footprint-wise, except that the phone had slightly less battery charge than before. Like the entire (collective word for these people?) of predictive analytics gurus in the Wall Street Financial sector, E@L had not expected it to go backwards.

Being sharp of mind and fleet of finger, he realised something was wrong and reached over and pulled the adapter/charger from the wall. As he removed the USB cable however, WTF, this little white bastard dropped to the floor and, like a small screw, like a tablet of important medication, it bounced into the most inaccessible nook under the table. By flipping at it with his sock-clad tootsie, he succeeded only in skipping it backwards, further into the bottomless abyss of Murphy's Law of Carpet Dynamics. He had to get off his chair(!), get down on his knees and delve, delve, until he had retrieved the shitty thing before it wormed its way into the wainscotting.

It was the little white chunk of plastic you (usually) see inside most USB connections. Toefucker fell out! As E@L is a brilliant geek and home handyman he tried to poke it back in. It would not stay in there, that obstreperous snippet of Farben PVC. Its refusal to go home thus rendered the adapter useless for charging any of E@L's various expensive and unnecessary gadgetoid trifles.

And, coincidentally, thus proving there is a god, E@L and colleague were talking about inbuilt obsolescence during this very lunch-time... as E@L has done before, here and here on the old blog.


And yes, yes, I know - I was much funnier back then.



knobby said...

wait, wait, this one was funny! i was laughing out loud from line 1! really! do you need any more exclamation marks or do you believe i'm being sincere?!

Dick Headley said...

You're still funny. Getting funnier in some ways.

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