Monday, May 31, 2010


Not sure about this new widget on the side there which shows who was online, where they came from and what they clicked to get out. So far, it just seems to be me as I go back and forth anxious to see who's on... And it's just me again. Like an eejit.

Sort of post-modernly self-referential in a tedious and mildly depressing way.


Also anyone have brilliant iPhone Apps writing skills? I have multimillion dollar making, must have, save the universe, feed the starving children, chill-out global warming, peace in our time idea. And I'll cut the programmer in for maybe 2.5% of the profit, capped at $100 (you see I DID used to work for [ahem, was employed by] Philips!) if he or she can do it by tomorrow, hey let's make it evening.



anthony said...

Why have the widget if it is so depressing?

expat@large said...

Mom: cracked up? sorry to hear that. Humpty Dumpty had the same problem. Don't trust the King's horses, they're useless - no fingers.

Ant: *mildly* depressing. Unlike being off the booze which is MAJORLY depressing.

savannah said...

i HATE that widget! had it on my blog once and the map is just as bad1 when the map finally looked as if more than my kids were reading my blog, it wiped everything and started fresh! sitemeter is enough for me, sugar! xoxoxox

HKMacs said...

Can't see this widget.

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