Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chillin' @ da Nitin Sawhney Concert

Never heard of him last week; today I'm his biggest fan. And of everyone in his band - amazing stuff. The girls (and guys) on vocal were beyond awesome, the tabla/dholak (bongoes) guy made me finally realize his IS a musical instrument and not a merely method of communicating across mountain tops. How many languages were the songs? Some languages were not even real, but that didn't prevent communication! This is world music as it should be - an integration of and not a clash of cultures.

The acoustic set started tonight with this track and I thought it could only go downhill from such an awesome song, but no, the concert kept building and building... I can't think of a better show I've been to in Singapore. (Not saying much as my buddy DanO observed when we met for beers afterward.) He (Nitin not DanO) received a standing ovation and came back for his encore saying that he hadn't expected such a response and was... wipes sweat/tear away... overwhelmed. Only issue - too brief at 90 minutes! We all wanted more!

However there's another show of non-acoustic, i.e. even more amplified, "drum'n'bass, dubstep, soundscapes and ambience infused" music tomorrow at Supperclub. Should I try and get a ticket or am I too old for this stuff?

I'm thinking of moving to Ibiza.


1 comment:

anthony said...

Wel if Ibiza is on the cards then you definitely do not think you are too old.

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