Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lemon Poprocks Tart @ Iggys

Comment of the night:-

After ten courses (not counting the first sorbet and the seaweed poppadoms) time had flown, it was 11:30 already and out came these little lemon mouth bombs which we dropped into our mouths in one bite and as we sat there letting the lemon tartness do its thing and the crunchy tart-base melt away, a series of sounds starting exploding out by our cheeks, by our ears, our mastoids, all around our tongues, brittle cracks and pops of effervescence, it made you feel like your face was in a magical cartoon where tiny stars and minute rockets were whizzing around, a multi-coloured and metallic sensation, yet sweet, funny and just a little disconcerting when it kept going and going and going... And M says;

"I hope you fellas don't think that's we girls experience when we give you a BJ!"



Skippy-san said...

Have to clean my monitor now, I laughed so hard I spilled my beer on it............

Indiana said...

My best quote came from a guy I was telling the experience about today who simply looked at me incredulously and said "You paid X for a dinner where the highlight was pop-rocks...are you fucking crazy?"


savannah said...

pop rocks?


where DO all y'all eat?????


expat@large said...

Skip: as did we when she said it...

Indy: I'd say the black-footed spanish jambon was the actual highlight. But the poached milt in green curry foam was the topic of tonight's conversation.

Sav: click the first link honey. We were at Asia's No1 restaurant. Molecular dining a la El Bulli... Definitely NOT American sized servings.

savannah said...

note to self: wear glasses when reading e@l :D

HairyDonut said...

Sounds like a combination of lemon pop rocks and hard drugs. Awesome!

dibabear said...

Hmmm...sounds like a culinary woody.

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