Monday, January 12, 2009

For Smoot

Roast spuds.

This is pretty much how I did them. I sprinkled some flour over the spuds before bashing them around a bit (a la Nigella) - makes for more things to get crusty. I used duck fat.



DanPloy said...

I think the French say you should never pre-boil the potatoes; roast potatoes should only be done in the oven.
But I do exactly as you have done, except no flour but I dust a little smoked paprika over them before roasting.
What was the event anyway?

savannah said...

nice! very nice, sugarpie! i'm a lazy cook, i just roast them in the oven without pre-boiling. xoxo

HairyDonut said...

oooh thankew. THANK YOU.

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