Friday, January 02, 2009

GMail On GoSlow?

Anyone else finding GMail is on a crawl and has been for several weeks? Is there an extended DoS going on? I deleted most of my large unnecessary (aka porn) files (thanks T!) so that's not it.

Other things are working fine - my Audible downloads are charging through at 250KB/s.



Skippy-san said...

Not really but I have noticed my spam count has jumped.

Happy New Year!

savannah said...

not here, sugar! gmail has been fine and everything seems to be working, so far... happy new year xoxoxo

Dick Headley said...

Ditto Skippy-san....lots and lots of spam. Enterprising Californian Russians I suspect.

knobby said...

exCRUciatingly slow sometimes. the https version is slightly better but accessing via your mobile (on wifi) is fastest of all. who'da thunk it!

expat@large said...

Knob : it seems to be the Chatline refreshing which is at fault. I've switched to the Basic HTML view and it seems faster, at least in the last ten minutes.

knobby said...

yup, the basic html version works fine but i just don't like it. i guess that's effectively what i'm accessing via mobile. https is my compromise solution.

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