Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Reference To Last Post

It's all about dignity, as the philosophers would have us think.

But would the guy in the bar, seeking his happiness and not giving a fuck about other's opinions, is that "the moral thing to do?", to care only for one's own happiness? Or is he offending the dignity of those he is sitting at the bar talking to? Surely, rather than working at the bar, they would prefer be out digging rice in the paddies for a dollar a day?

Ah, yes, he's a hero: our man is a saviour. You can't rescue them all, but he's doing his bit, one lady's drink at a time.

Or one could take the whole living in Asia and "gone troppo" thing seriously, as it were, and do more than lounge in Pattaya bars, but just, like, live there...

Does the responsibility for judging our retired bar-lounge gecko's dignity reside in the moral judgements of those who criticize him, or is it the double-speak within himself that hides his lack of self-respect. Or is there something inherently wrong in seeking out a quiet, restful place to live out one's remaining days in more happiness and contentment than you ever had, or could ever expect in what others, on your behalf, might call your home?

Look into your heart, place yourself in a situation of just enough resources, limited obligations, where the weather is mostly nice (a tad humid), beautiful beaches, delightful companionship and the odd backgammon game or a Tuesday evening Pub Quiz...

Yep, exchange backgammon for bingo and you've got Queensland.


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Lost in Melbourne said...

See I wonder if the Backgammon and hunting for the company of other expats or westerners all the time is what the barfly does because they have not actually found a path to be on or a life to be living in that place. Just like the Aussie crowd in London binds together (at least in their first year there if not permanently until their return), or the enclaves of Springvale, Rishmond, Footscray...

The comfort of familiarity is perhaps irresistible?

My suggestion is exactly as you said truly go Troppo, live their. Marlon Brando found himself in the zone up the river in 'Nam' why not you? We are only on this mortal coil for so long, so why not adapt to the local landscape?

Will you get tired of backgammon with a slowly revolving door of opponents? Perhaps the injection of new company offer fresh ideas, new thinking, and leads to an invigoration and puts so spice into the taste of life?

Keep on working for a while until the healthcare up there reaches a level that can support what you will require, emergency flights out of your adopted country are not the life we dream of.

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