Monday, January 17, 2011


Moving office, post-company takeover (again), to the seventh ring of hell (near Changi Airport) in April. What a bunch of fools.

We don't even know the new structure of the company yet...

Don't start me!


I am seriously thinking that the Spinellis coffee shop near my apartment could be my home-office from that time on. But as I am travelling about 75% of time, I doubt this would be the thorn in their paw I am hoping it could be.



anthony said...

That means you will be able to meet N for lunches?

expat@large said...

Why does she come all the way from Tampines for the hazelnut choc-spin at Spinellis for lunch.

anthony said...

Well how else is she supposed to meet you in your office for lunch? Durrr :P

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