Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drama At E@LGHQ!

Maybe, despite the previous post, I SHOULD move. That's my place on the bottom right hand corner at the very start of this video of a pile of foundation stones toppling onto a roadway.

It was just on the street where I live, ta dah di dah, actually about 150m from my bedroom window, if not less. It happened about 8:30 on Sunday morning (i.e. yesterday as I type this). Of course, having gone to bed at 4am on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I slept right through it. I heard the bells from the church and I heard the people in the flat above shagging - both like clockwork at 10am every Sunday - but I didn't hear this. I only found out about it just as I was heading to the church airport after lunch.

You see all those cars on the car-park also on the right at the start? that's the church. Lots of people running away, but no-one was injured,so they say.

Notice also the white car at the top. He's waiting and watching but after the blocks collapse, he's like, "WTF, I'm outta here!" and turns up to the left... Responsible Singapore citizen there, always prepared to help out and be a witness.

The heavy rain over the past weeks is probably to blame, that or shoddy work.


Thankfully it's not quite as dramatic as what happened in China in 2009. In that case it was due to heavy rain, or shoddy work.

[Before you play this second video (stills actually) please turn your speakers way down. Music is horrible, even by my inexacting standards. And please ignore the corny political comments about communism.]


E@L, reporting to you safely from Khon Kaen, Thailand, where buildings doon't fall over, only governments.

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dibabear said...

Back in Thailand again? You spend more time there than Singapore. Maybe you should consider moving. :-)

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