Wednesday, October 13, 2010


After reviewing the history of human endeavour and achievement against the ubiquity of war and hatred; all the religious, philosophical and moral dialectics which have driven us towards new political, spiritual and economic frontiers but which have destroyed countless hopes, aspirations and indeed great sections of humanity; the scientific discoveries whose incremental steps and giant leaps of paradigmatic revolution have allegedly enriched so many lives, unfortunately at the expense of billions of others and possibly the environment which sustains all life; all the movements in art and fashion which ignore the poverty and distress of their sources and which reap their success from the exploitation of the voiceless and the pillaging of irreplaceable natural resources that are entailed in the delivery of their transient emotional benefits ... a think-tank of international geniuses at the pub has come to the incontrovertible conclusion that, apart from the iPad, there's no such thing as progress.



Anonymous said...

**my comment has been eaten by Blogger, so I'll try to re-write it** 4th try!

I haven't been abducted by the Apple technology yet and still believe in the historic virtues of the Rosetta Stone. Do you think I should see a doctor?

((Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving me your views about my writing. I like your prose, cynical and baroque, that's a great combination))

expat@large said...

Dangerous: yes, see one, but from a distance.

And you're very welcome. I've been called any things, but 'baroque' is a new one! I like it!!

Anonymous said...

Well, E@L... there's always a first time! Glad that you loved it!

tony said...

My Doctor told me last week to Keep Taking The Tablets While my old Infant Teacher always said An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.......The World Is Full Of Experts!

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