Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey, Hi

Those of you who read this blog, all what, four of you, and keep an eye on the Feedjit thingy might wonder who the frequent visitor person from Flower Mound, Texas might be.

Me too.

Cheers dude.


Is this so sad or what? I notice INDIVIDUAL readers. Then again if you only have four readers, it can't be that surprising or particularly difficult a task.


My God, checking the stats. Next thing you know I'll be Googling myself!



Anonymous said...

I think I have TWO readers at my lesser-known blog! LOL!

savannah said...

flower mound seems a delightful place, sugarpie! even if you don't comment it's always nice to know you've visited. (yes, i read the stats, too!) xoxoxox

dimsow said...

I want to know who are those 3 other guys! :)

expat@large said...

Two of them have already replied...


DanPloy said...

Are you allowed to count yourself?

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