Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bungle In The Non-Jungle

I'm in Krabi. Where people who want to get away from other people go to get away from the *other* people who want to get away from other people.

Actually that's not true. It's just low season and it is very quiet. Just me and the lizards basically.

They used Krabi as a body-double for the Koh Sahn Rd area of Bangkok in the movie The Beach. There is no magical Isolated Beach Free of Uncool People of course, and if there was would you really want to be there? Sit down you at the back there, the correct answer is NO.

After Krabi, I will be going to a place genuinely in the jungle, a REALLY out of the way place! In fact, Google Earth says there are no roads leading to or from (because of a quirk in the local geographical strata*) Uttaradit.

WHERE??? It's not much more than an elephant trek from Phitsanaluk, where I have been before (remember the "flying vegetables?"), and while it will be another somewhere new, I am sure it will just be another cookie-cutter SWIFT**.

- btw Swine flu alert in Buriram, Isaan. Nowhere near Utradit, but still worrying... cough, cough...


*THE* worst game of golf on record today. You think Tiger is in a slump? I shot (stumbled to) 25 over my handicap! Hire clubs of course. Should have cancelled when it looked like the rain was going to settle in... It went away, got sunny and I got burned (metaphorically). Damn.


Will try to write something serious (i.e. funny) soon but I'm working on a plethora of things at the moment: presentations at a meeting here, pen-pal stuff, secret stuff, you know how it is, blah blah... Also Internet time is limited as I too stingy to pay...

So for the moment it's sawadhee krub


* from The Real Inspector Hound - Tom Stoppard

** Smiling WhIte Face Tour - E@L


DanPloy said...

Watch out for Dengue fever, a lot of it around this year.

expat@large said...

Dan: for some reason the Asian mosquitoes (anopholes?) find me unpalatable. I haven't been impaled by one for 12 years. Fingers crossed that remains so.

Aussie mosquitoes love my blood of course...

DanPloy said...

You had better back your wellies too:

expat@large said...

Dan: stop trying to frighten me! I have never been inoculated by a mosquito in 12 years of Asia. The locals (anopheles) up here find me distasteful.

Unknown said...

All quiet on the Eastern front. No post for days now. Does this mean that expat@large has nothing to complain about (refer earlier post), or no internet connection?

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