Monday, December 08, 2008

Verbal UnTaboo

Fuck I have a massive headache.

It really hurts to look at the screen.

Or the keyboard.

Been drunking Guinness, sake, beer, gin/tonic, sherry (!), Black Russians...

Came home with Indy and his g-f and found that Izzy was still up.

Soo-oo-oo we played Rude Scrabble - "toefuckers" is a word, right?

(NTS delete this tomorrow morning...)



savannah said...

and here it is, still online for all to see, sugar! you weren't alone last night, a similar sort of event unfurled on this side of the pond...a wedding party and open bar. xoxox

Indiana said...

I thunk I am still drunk...and its as good a word as "dix" or "rbbr" ~grin~

expat@large said...

Sav: leaving this one up, quite funny in a totally life destroying way.

Indy: or "oybite"?

rambeaux said...

crazy tofos

expat@large said...

RmBo: LOL YES! that's gonna be my new private yet generic term of deeply personal insulting abuse that I can get away with! It's right up there with "muppett". What a tofo of an expression!

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