Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jumping Meme

Up in the air in Croatia!!


Korcula, where Marco Polo was born

Brac again

Hvar, a brilliant place, look at that water!

E@L had amazing fun on this holiday... Croatia is such a beautiful place. (Google it for better images than I could take!)


A million hugs and kisses to Izzy for encouraging me to join with a great crew. Love and hugs of course to our fellow travellers, Danijel (main photographer as I left my camera on the desk) and Vicky.


p.s. Hey crew, I got my sunglasses fixed! The lens doesn't fall out half so often... But I'm packing for Thailand now, where did I put them? In a secret compartment with the Vegemite and pig fat?


Tease said...

You forgot the guacamole!

Tease said...

You forgot the guacamole!

expat@large said...

OMG, here are my glasses, covered in Linda Blair's vomit!

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