Tuesday, March 12, 2024

OneDownManShip (™)

All too often, when E@L was telling a story to TBITP* about the outrageous things he, um, had heard about on his last trip to Pattaya, Bruce might cut in and say, "All very good and depraved sir, but let me tell you of my even more intriguing episode. I had taken to chatting up this dwarf, when two ladyboys and their baby elephant..." 



It's called Onedownmanship(™).


Getting used to being not quite the reprobate he thought he was is 


* Forgotten so soon? The Boys In The Pub.


savannah said...

OK, so WTF are you? And why are you not writing/entertaining me anymore??? xoxo

expat@large said...

Sorry Sav! Me cowboy, me cowboy, me cowboy, me Mexican cowboy.
I have lots of drafts, if that reassures you. Staying power at the computer to sit and write anything extended is limited these days. Dementia. Something else. Toilet trips due to bum issues. The latter is what I am trying to explain to myself fully before I post a half-arsed half-draft about it. The complicated life of many people like myself post bowel cancer: Cure vs disease. Aiyah!! But I don’t want it to sound like I am self-pitying or whingeing. Just the facts ma’am. But I also need to tie in my emotional response to the many challenges we face. (If you like, do a search for Low Anterior Resection Syndrome, LARS.)
I need to do this soon as I am heading for more surgery for which the success rate is not 100% and sitting down might be even more problematic.
I also need to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge and to catch up with the latest season of Fargo while I wait for Slow Horses to trot out its next season.


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