Saturday, March 15, 2014

FB and E@L and Blog

A rough guess. Mmm, say, 97% of the crap E@L posts on Facebook he should be posting here. It's the stuff he USED to post here. (And LOOK, he using capital letters instead of the full suite of his HTML HTML HTML HTML HTML tools for astounding typographical legerdemain.) He once would have posted here.

For the life of E@L, he don't know why-y, but it's less and less frequently that he can get into the long-winded mode he preferred back when he was writing... here. Sometimes he'd sit down to start with some words floating out there - an idea, a feeling, a thought bubble, an article in the NYT - and then he'd think of the many hours it would take him to get his thoughts out of order, to make himself seem confused, and to wrest from the clarity of his expressions at least six types of ambiguity - id est, to the E@L rambles that you, his long-gone readers, once appreciated, or claimed to. He'd be up 'til 3 (it's only 1;15 now), rewriting, reposting, looking for funny pics.

Not to mention carefully going through the post to insert ellipses (is that possible?) and to mix up leeters like as ifm cuondt; ptye.


Fuck Facebook. It's ruined E@L's blog. Cut, paste, insert witticism, post, return, LIKE!


And ditto goes for any fiction stuff, or even any reworking of the Bruce / Expat-Angst / Gone-Troppo type material. He just can't start. He can't concentrate. [And fuck! About four devices just went *ping* because someone has made a move in WWF.]

It's all too big. There's so much effort that needs to be made, there's so little belief that whatever might come of it, it would matter at all, let alone that it will be any good or that anyone would care.

(No, that is not a plea for people to contradict E@L and say, "Oh, but we care!")

And there's seems to be so... little... time.


Ah, perhaps he'll stick to Facebook after all. Instant gratification. Epigrammatic, telegraphic.


Or perhaps this post is un cri de couer from the worn sleeve that... his damaged heart... from... Yep. Or maybe an ejaculation of intent from an erstwhile impotent soul, an afflatus of aspiration/inspiration, a clearing of the enthusiasm pipes...

So, he has a week in the middle of nowhere (Lampang, Thailand - yes! E@L's thoughts exactly), let's start again and see if we can't revive the philosophically ailing output of



savannah said...

e@l, mi amor! y'all are absolutely correct! wtf happened to all of us? makes it so easy to post/click like/share that it seems to just rob me of any ability to write more that six words. or maybe it's just that responses come so damn quickly...but, i digress. i have no excuse for NOT blogging, just my truth and that is there has been a bit too much sadness in my life to share. it's been easier to "share" political items. inane quizzes and every so often a question or two, rather than speak about what's been going on around the plantation. it stops today. thank you for your inspiration and metaphorical kick in the ass! ;) xoxoxo

savannah said...

whoa, i see that i had a bit of incorrectly formatted HTML that has now dropped out my original post. the fourth sentence should have started with that other social media site... xoxoxo

Joanne Casey said...


Skippy-san said...

I echo your sentiments entirely-I think one reason that FB tends to win out is that you can do it anywhere with any device. Blogging from a cell phone is just a non starter. Same with an I-Pad.

That said-FB is, in my opinion, contributing to the lack of Americans to hold a reasonable discussion. With FB its about the first part you see-and not about digging into the content.

Of course it could also be that one grows tired of the "cycle" of blogging, and wants to move on.

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