Sunday, December 29, 2013

Home WiFi (Advanced)

When I came home from Melbourne, my second WiFi modem was not accessing the internet. Why should it? Perhaps a tad unreasonable of me to expect this. It's only a modem wired to Cisco Starhub modem. This is the one in the lounge-room which I need to get WiFi access elsewhere in the apartment and to allow the Apple TV access to my iMac (you might need to chase up my FB or delve into the deep past here on the blog for more on this). I had tried to use it as a range-extender but that failed so I just made it into a new wired node.

This would not have been an urgent problem had not SPG and BF be staying with me in Singapore prior to our Philippines NYE holiday. As they couldn't access the internet in their room or the lounge-room so they were a tad WWWedly frustrated. The WiFi signal (which was working BTW) from my Starhub-provided Cisco piece of cable network shit doesn't make it out of my bedroom, as you should know by now.

So I did the OFF/ON thing, as they had tried. Nothing. I attached the LAN cable directly to my iMac in order to access it to check the settings but I couldn't even find the modem! (Yes I used the correct IP address.) So I did a hard reset for the lounge-room modem.

And there was success, up to a point! I had found it via the LAN cable! Therefore I was able to get into Set-up and reset the password etc. Then it rebooted, promising to work. I replugged it into the Cisco Starhub modem, as well as my iMac, and turned it OFF/ON, just to give it a helping hand with the new connection...

You guessed it: Still no WiFi. #Openswindowsinorderto ... But I sighed, slowly, and closed the windows...

Next, thinking that others with such problems might have found a solution in some forum or other (as if such equally gadget-incompatible fuckers exist, what was I thinking?) I turned WiFi off on my iMac and decided to search, via ethernet connection, online for some possible answers -- and I noticed that I had no internet access! This should have been via the LAN cable attached to the CISCO modem! That should be working! WTF?

So I turned to Cisco modem OVER to look for its IP address in order to get into the Setup for it but of course it didn't show it, so and sat it back down again in frustration.

And then I saw that my ethernet access had returned! WTF again!

So I turned on WiFi and - spooky mystic weird - the lounge-room WiFi was working again too! Triple WTF!

Merely turning over the Cisco modem seemed to have solved the issues...

The network equivalent of kicking the tyres.


I am cursed. Truly, cursed.


(I have a witness to this.)


Dan Owen said...

LOL at the sentence in parentheses.

expat@large said...

There are five sentences in parenthesis, all hilarious!

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