Sunday, September 09, 2012

Getting Old - Indicator #7 - Vision

My reading vision has dropped so quickly. You have no idea. In the past two weeks I have noticed a terrible degeneration of my short distance focussing that I have to wear reading glasses ALL the time. ALL the time when I am reading, anyway.

I blame the minuscule font on my Samsung Tab 7.7. It is ridiculous. It is a known issue and quite a few forum discussions. There are a few font-size programs, but they only work for some apps. It's mainly the crappy Facebook app. It doesn't allow the two-finger stretch zooming.


Pretty girl not included

Hubba, hubba. I'll buy that for a dollar.

Getting old but not getting so old.


1 comment:

marke said...

Fading vision.... thoughts of two finger stretch zooming....

I think the diagnosis is rather obvious.

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