Saturday, May 19, 2012


Promise to write something soon. In Bangkok, had enough of "ping pong" and "open bottle" shows, and with a respite from the hectic Singapore social life, there may be plenty of opportunity to pen a piece or two. If this gastro would ease up. (French Bistro on Soi 11.)

But then again I promised to turn the Bruce parts into an ebook (done fuck all.)

Also I promised to lose more weight (stable at about 117kgs).

I put this on my FB page, from the NYT (there would be nothing to blog about without the NYT, as they say). For those three of you not also on my FB, this is funny in case you weren't aware. 5555, as we type in Thailand. But it flies into the wind of tragedy as well.



savannah said...

you posted this on fb, sugar? i missed it, but then, i still read blogs first and then fb...ok, i haven't been doing either with regularity. *sigh* xoxoxoxo

expat@large said...

Well I certainly shared it from wherever I had found it - just as I can't keep up with your input to that dastardly IPO failure.

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