Friday, October 14, 2011

Seriously. Ow.

Samsung IIGS, MacBook Air, Motorola Xoom, touchpad for iMac, touchpad on Lenovo at work. All swipy things...

Killing my fingertips.

Seriously. Ow.



marke said...

It's the little tiny knobs they've put all over the Lenovo touchpad! - makes my fingertips sort of numb... I found a nice smooth sticker to put over it and it still works ok.

expat@large said...

It started with the screen cover on the Xoom. Now I can't even swipe my credit card.

Skippy-san said...

My sister uses a stylus to type on her Ipad. Works pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I use a pen to type on the bloody type-pad of my Samsung Galaxy II. Either I have fat fingers, or the engineers who designed it have really small eyes.

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