Monday, September 05, 2011

Big Weekend

Woof. Started with a sake night on Thursday... Friends in from overseas, birthdays, you name it. Finished on pinot noir about 6 tonight. Bad boy.


Why do we do these things to ourselves?


About the only thing I care to remember about the weekend is that we (i.e. me) invented a nice (I think) neologism - the waiter who tries to be attentive and do the right thing, but just....fails.


dys -- Ancient Greek δυσ- (dys-) expressing the idea of difficulty, or bad status.

attentive -- late 14c., from Fr. attentif, from V.L. *attenditus, from L. attentus "heedful, observant", Sense of "actively ministering to the needs and wants" (of another person) is from c.1520.

Use with caution, my little ones.


1 comment:

Joanne Casey said...

Now there's no need to be using big words ;-)

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