Sunday, August 07, 2011


I'm in Australia at the moment in mixed mode: I was working in Adelaide last week and will be in Brisbane next week, but as a) some work in Canberra has been postponed and *more importantly* b) my mother had a moderately tough operation 10 days ago, I'm going to be at home for the moment.

Maybe she'll be transferred to a rehab centre tomorrow, maybe later, but doesn't look like she'll be discharged home all that soon. We'll get some more information tomorrow, and I'll be talking to the surgeon about the complete findings (nodes, etc...).

And if yes, then what? And if no, then what?

She does not look strong enough yet, and her appetite has not rebounded. She's 86.


The sight of my sister sitting by the bed filing mum's nails stopped me - a deja-vu of mum doing the exact thing to her mother when I was what? eleven, as grandma lay in her hospital bed in Colac.

Wispy hair suddenly seems much more gray, the parchment pale skin spotted and loose, her drawn face over newly prominent cheek-bones, her lips catching on dry teeth as she speaks (something cheeky no doubt), a warm cardigan over her shoulder, she strains across to hear, the touch of her warm hand...

The past. The present.

The future.


Probably even lighter blogging than usual for the moment.



savannah said...

you have my heart, sugar. i completely understand. xoxoxoxoxo

DanPloy said...

Always some excuse not to write.

Jude said...

Hope she gets well soon darling


expat@large said...

Sav: the first day was a shock, but she's picked up so much in the last few days. Positive Family Therapy.
Dan: excuses, I take em when I get's em.
Jude: thanks hon.

dibabear said...

Hope all turns out well for your mum. Gingernuts can wait. Izzy's sister? Perhaps nor.

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