Sunday, April 17, 2011


A view from the past... (Yesterday actually.) Sigh.

The Star Virgo spins into dock outside the window I USED to have. Seriously, set this at double speed or your brain will implode with boredom. In reality, sitting there watching the slow scene unfolding is quite a zen-like experience, calming and de-stressing, it turns so ponderously yet so elegantly.

FYI, the small Japanese company* I work for has been swallowed by a large Japanese company that doesn't want to spend any money on rent. We have had to move out to somewhere near the end of the earth (well, you can see it from there as Indy would say.)

Coincidentally (not ironically) , GE Medical (who gave out massive bonuses last year I hear) is moving in upstairs at Harbourfront in the month that we move out. One of my buddies (not who I heard about the bonuses from) is ex-Philips in HK (like me), and is now at GE in Singapore, will have this view. Bastard.


* and as they make radiation detectors are doing quite well thanks!


Lost in Melbourne said...

So does this mean if I get into the medical imagine game with Toshiba I will get no bonus and a low wage as they are Japanese OR will I get great condiditions as the market dictates that in Medical imaging?

expat@large said...

GE pay management very well - the bonuses are great as I said. People in my position, they pay shit.

I'm still doing OK at new company here though, My contract is open-ended, but they can sack me anytime with 3 month's notice (or payout) and fuck all benefits that I can see in my contract. Maybe that is the Japanese rule, I think the Singapore rule is one month's notice. (When I left Philips they adhered to their world-wide policy, over-riding to HK local rules and I got ~10 months pay-out. And they gave me a 5 year service tie-pin at the same time)

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