Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do Dolphins Have a Language?

If you were William S Burroughs and had just one question to ask Jimmy Page, would this be it?


OK he doesn't have just one question to ask, but hey... it seemed like a good line to grab the train-window flash of your attentions.

via Tom (who doesn't have a blog)



Tom said...

Well, technically, I have a two-posts-a-year blog, but I think that it's asymptotically tending towards zero posts right now. So - did you go "ooh" about Led Zep or WSB first? And did I ever tell you about the man who taught his arsehole to talk?

expat@large said...

Blog? Is it linked in your FB page? Embarrassed to say I've never checked... All about higher mathematics and topology and DFW?

Ooh, ah? It was the fact of the conjunction of these two, JP and WSB in the one universe - I had never twigged that they were contemporaries - of course I knew that he still alive at that time but I still associate Burroughs with the 50s and 60s.

DanPloy said...

Jimmy Page was in Thailand last week:

iODyne said...

I'm so old I used to buy and love Crawdaddy magazine.
Some of the acid around back then actually enabled communication with dolphins.

and Tom (above) - do you mean La Petomane? or 2. in the case of some politicians, it is the arsehole which teaches the mouth ...

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