Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lie Down, You're Dead

This game started in September last year... Admittedly it's a 7day/move game because things like the occasional heart attack might interfere with my opportunity to make a move. (I lost 10 games by default and dropped my rating from 1397 to 1260, in July/August when I was in the Siena Hospital with no internet connection.)

So, time passes. Oozes like the moments, molasses slow, on a melting Dali clock-face. I have been waiting nearly 4 days for this guy to either resign (like a gentleman - it was obvious what was happening about 10 moves a go) or make another futile move in his inevitable loss of this match. Swear to Zombie Jesus. Just make some move. Any move. Just fucking well resign. Look, your Pawn is blocked. You can only move your King into the choice of a few ineffectual squares, none of which will protect your Pawn from my Rook. You will only have your King left after my next move. Your King, that's all! What are you hoping to achieve? What are you trying to prove?



I have a idea... I will convert my two Pawns in Queens and run them all over the board with the Rook and see how long I can go without Checkmating you. That'll be fun.

Even, if that is possible, more fun than this.


Oh, look! The grass is growing, let's check it out!

I think I saw the elephant move!


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Joanne Casey said...

I would challenge you to a game of chess...if I knew how to play it

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