Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Technology Travel Trouble

Latest update from Bangkok

E@L is getting a tad frustrated here (not sexually, not at all):

a) one of the three outlets on my cheap Thai powerboard isn't working at all,

b) the plug for the six port USB hub won't stay tightly in either of the two powerboard outlets that do work,

c) the Samsung Tab won't charge through its USB cable, even from the laptop let alone the USB hub that keeps dropping out,

d) I left the correct power supply cable for my CPAP on the bed at home,

e) and finally, from the work server last week I downloaded all the information I need for the talk I am giving on Thursday to a portable HDD... which I left in the office.

My job/life is easy, really easy (given my skills, knowledge, wit, charm, experience and credit card limit), yet somehow I make it hard.



yadhav said...

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Unknown said...

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