Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Topography Of Knowledge

"What we want are topographers who would make detailed accounts of the places which they had actually been to. But because they have the advantage of visiting Palestine, they want to enjoy the right of telling us tales about the rest of the world! I wish everyone would write only what he knows - not in this matter only but in all others. A man may well have detailed knowledge or experience of the nature of one particular river or stream, yet about all the others ho knows only what everyone else does; but in order to trot out his little scrap of knowledge he will write a book on the whole of physics. From this vice many great inconveniences arrive.

Now to get back to the subject..."
Michael de Montaigne. On The Cannibals.


Now, to get back to the subject...


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Michael McClung said...

Meh. 'Think small, people! You wanna risk being wrong?' Montaigne was full of it.

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