Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mental State

Last night I was planning on writing a blog post about being depressed, sad, melancholy and morose... But we were at the Boomarang Tuesday Pub Quiz and I couldn't stop giggling, yelling out and generally being silly.

Next planned post: hysteria.



We won the quiz btw, despite me screwing up a perfect 10 (and it was our double point round!) in the 'Human Body' topic by over-thinking - I insisted on kyphosis when even the dumb fucks in our team knew the correct answer was scoliosis. They are dumb fucks because they believed me.

Lateral curvature of the spine.

Of course I know that, I am (was, no longer licensed) a frackin' radio-xray-pher for chrissake - I've taken a gazillion x-rays of spines; still got it wrong. There be the obvious reason I moved into ultrasound scanning instead...

Anyone seen my iPod? I'm sure I left it on the couch."


But I was happy to point out to allegedly famous (ESPN, what's that?) quiz master that the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle is in the neck, NOT in the throat.


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