Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Singapore Blogger's Blog Fiddling Sends Internet Into Tailspin

Silly moi. If you kept getting a redirect notice when you tried to get here, as I just did, it was because I was fiddling the other day - not knowing WTF I was doing of course. Nothing new there.

It put up what I thought was an internal, i.e. Blogger, redirect command to double up on the instructions I had made elsewhere, that was supposed to send you FROM "", should you try to get a website of that name, to here, viz: "".

However it looks I sent you the other way.

Because "" (for which I pay $20/year) already had a redirect command to send you to "", the entire internet went into a closed loop and nothing never went nowhere... I presume this is what caused the blackout in India, yesterday.

Oops. Wondered why my hits went down.

OK, I think it's sorted now, so get back to enjoying the magic and mystery, the wonder and the witticisms, the whinging and tales of whoredom that is (are?) this blog.


And to my friend acquaintance J******n who admitted, in his cups on Sunday afternoon(!) - in vino veritas - that he doesn't read my blog anymore because the writing is crap, I'd just like to politely point out that your lack of appreciation of my prodigious talents makes you a:

I hope there will be lots of questions about America in the pub quiz tonight so you can demonstrate to us all once again your profound ignorance of your own country.

"Which Thursday in November is Thanksgiving?"

"Der, I dunno... The fourth?"

«Crowd slaps forehead.»

-- Joking mate, I still love you, and I mean that most sincerely.* Seriously, I have nothing but respect for you. Nothing but. And not much of it either.


*And I mean that most sincerely.**

** And I mean THAT most sincerely.***

*** infinitum... or until you believe me, whichever comes first.


Michael McClung said...

I've never not seen anything like that before. Ever.

expat@large said...

I thought I was never going to be able to stop it. Was like that scene from Dumbo with Mickey Mouse and unstoppable magic buckets and mops...

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