Friday, March 09, 2012

Brains Of The Family

-- My brother - you know Charles? - he comes up so many crack-pot ideas, I just don't listen to him anymore. He's...

-- Yes, so you've said.

-- He's always finding some new thing or other, going to change the world, make his fortune. He knows...

-- Indeed.

-- He knows I love him dearly, he's doing his best with limited resources, but I try to not take any notice of his silly talk. Today, guess what he came at me with? He told me had invented a device for cleaning the brain. Can you believe it! Cleaning the brain!

-- Whatever next? Cleaning the brain!

-- When he goes on with this rot, I pretend I can't hear him... Just let it wash over me.... He can talk if he wants, but I'm not listening...

-- Did he tell you how it works?

-- Just goes in one ear and out the other...


I tried really, really hard not to press "publish", but I yam whose I yam... and that's


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