Monday, August 22, 2011


The bright lights and big... um, bright lights of Soi Cowboy wash over Bruce now, like some much water off so much duck. Bangkok, OMG not again. Way skinny girls wearing not enough (if anything at all) given the settings of the air-con. They have to cuddle their bronzed bodies, so unforgivingly hard and unforgivably toned, they have push themselves right up against Bruce to borrow some of his body's substantial calorific storage.

Ah, dear. The breasts on these girls are so small and sitting up way too high, their nipples too prominent and stiff. And what the hell is wrong with that girl's KNEES? So knobbly, eh?

Jaded. Sigh. Shrug. Meh.

So hard to be impressed these days, so hard to be moved, so hard to be bothered. Same same, only more-so. Really, shouldn't there be more than just ... this?

Bruce is listening...? No?

Well, no-one has come up up with a good answer yet so Bruce will just have to shrug and bare bear it, and buy the not-quite naked girl sitting next to him (knee-high boots are clothes, right?) another 'tequila' before she "go dance now" and he'll pretend to watch the TV while she pretends that what she her and her two colleagues are doing on stage could, in anyone's vocabulary, be called 'dancing'.



knobby said...

Unjade: TED

dibabear said...

Hint: this is what happens to all of us over time; the realization that there are no Susie Wong's for goodness sake. It's a harsh reality but tis true. And then you're stuck between the never can go back there world of what passes for normalcy in the west and the endless but not satisfying buffet of young buff brown bodies who call gyrating dancing.

knobby said...

Sorry, dunno why the link disappeared and I've watched about 73 million TED videos since I posted that comment. Don't remember which one this was.

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