Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey, Let's Meet In The Toilet, Take Some Ibuprofen And Have Our Menstrual Cramps Lessen In Severity

"But, hey I'm a late developer for 13. I don't have my periods yet...

[Sorry, initially forgot toput up the link. Here it is is - NYT.]

The strip searching of a 13 year girl, searching for.... some prescription NSAIDS, by a "zero intelligence", I mean "zero tolerance" for drugs high school further demonstrates the lengths, depths, breadths, times and even some 5th and 6th dimensional stupidity to which ignorance can take you.

Warning that "seemingly harmless substances in the hands of creative adolescents, can really confuse stupid older people like me," Justice Michael Daly Hawkins was reluctant to agree that the school in question shouldn't be made the biggest laughing-stock of any educational institution since the St Hildengarten's in Munchkin tried to flunk that fuzzy-haired kid, Bertie Einstein, in arithmetic in 1885.

Yep, the reality of this is just so twisted. After being dobbed in by her goth ex-friend, a 13 year old girl had to strip down to her underwear, pull said underwear away from her body, and dance up against a chrome pole for 20 minutes while the school administrators tossed $1 bills at her. No, this is not some sleazy porn story (though I have some similar ones if you want), but an actual case in real life - better than porn really.

Stupidity porn, my latest turn-on.

Ibuprofen. The worlds most pathetic pain-killer. It doesn't even cause ulcers unless you MAJORLY abuse it. And the hit? The ulcer.

Here's the War on Drugs that is fucking up America, and prior to the financial crisis, was driving it broke faster than most anything except the War on Terror, the War on Iraq, the War on Afghanistan, the War on Small Efficient Electric Cars, etc.

Girl A: busted for have period-pain pills. Girl B: Humiliated and made to strip...

Amazing world.



Istvanski said...

Strange how times change. The teachers of the secondary modern state school that I attended as a pupil willingly sold us dodgy substances AND they went on strike over low pay.

Dick Headley said...

Time for the War on Stupidity I think. Not that anyone will notice.

Momentary Madness said...

Yes, and then the school administrator gave her back her prescribed Methylphenidate, and asked her what they were for, she said: ”Saturday night partying 118 milligrams off the planet man.”
school administrator: ”I don’t think so. Psychiatrists know what they’re prescribing. I bet there’s an alcohol inhibitor mixed in with that.”
13 year girl: ”Yes the price, now can I go?”
school administrator: ”Yes, and stay away from those painkillers.”

savannah said...

are you serious? jaysus, wtf do i live???? xoxo

expat@large said...

Istvan: can relate!

DH: update on the War on Rats - the rats are winning.

MM: yep, kids are chugging Ritalin and Junior-Prozac, but benign painkillers? Woah! Strip, baby!

Sav: I may have exaggerated the bit about the pole-dancing...

expat@large said...

Basically, because the school had no idea what ibuprofen was, and what its can and cannot do, the kid was treated like a heroin mule from Afghanistan, making her entire high school time a nightmare era.

Meanwhile 97% of investment bankers are chortling coke off hookers' tits and paying for it with their ex-AIG bonuses.

dibabear said...

Yet another thing to thank Reagan for. Let's see he gave us a humongous debt (at least until Bush Jr. got to run a tab), the most idiotic "War on Drugs", and indirectly the 8 years of compleat idiocy that just ended. I wish Reagan's mother had "just [said] no".

One of me mates and I just had a spirited discussion about the AIG bonuses. I was surprised how much he thinks that that was a good thing. His main saw "how do you attract top talent unless you pay bonuses?" "Um, if AIG had top talent they wouldn't be into the gummint for nearly a trillion large." We've been mates for a long while but I may need to rethink this.

Meanwhile, 13 year olds get stripped searched. Fan-fugging-unbelievable.

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